Udoka Electronics

Udoka Electronics is a software development company focusing on tools for the automotive industry. Our philosophy is that our tools shall enable our customers to focus on their core functionality instead of tool management.

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UeA2LTools is the essential toolset you need when utilizing A2L files for ECU calibration and measurement. The suite handles merging of A2L files, the address update needed at software build and content filtering to protect intellectual property.

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The Ue RTE generator is an AUTOSAR RTE generator targeting lightweight projects without need for multicore support and ISO26262 ASIL safety integrity above QM. It is easy to use, produces very efficient code, supports a lot of SwC interfaces and state machines.

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Completely automate A2L (ASAM MCD-2 MC) handling

UeA2lTools automates all steps of A2L management in a software build. It maximizes efficiency and quality by minimizing the need for human actions. A typical build chain is illustrated in the figure below. The green boxes are tools in the suite.

A2L build flowchart

Advantages of UeA2lTool

    • UeA2lCreator have a unique algorithm for creating A2L files for hand-written c-code.  This approach minimizes developer effort hence maximizing efficiency, quality and frees up resources which can focus on value-adding activities.
    • Easy to integrate in a build environment such as traditional make, Ant or Maven.
    • Well documented with extensive user manual and good built-in help.
    • Attractive and flexible license model
      • We offer a favorable migration package if you use a different A2l toolset today.
      • Choose node-locked, USB dongle or floating license for workstations or a build server license for build servers.
    • Proven in use. Reference customers available on request.
    • Operative system versatility. Windows and Linux is built for every release. We deliver builds for other platforms on request.


Generate C-code to manage CAN communication defined in a dbc file. Read more here.