Update your A2L with the ECU addresses from latest software build

Every measurement and calibration tool must know the memory address in the ECU of the signals and calibration parameters. These addresses frequently change when the software is rebuilt. Hence the A2L file which describes the software must be updated with the memory address of each signal and calibration parameter whenever the software is rebuilt. UeAl2AddressUpdate smoothly performs this task for plain variables, struct fields, arrays etc.


  • Support for a wide range of compilers
  • Address calculation of array indexes, structs fields and bitfields.
  • Easily integrated in build chain for automatic address update at each build.
  • Fast. Typical time to update an A2L is less than 5 seconds.

Supported variable types

  • Normal variables.
  • Array indexing, i.e. find the address of expressions such as x[4].
  • Struct fields, i.e. foo.bar
  • Any combination of the  above, for example foo.bar[13].x

Need more information? contact us, read the user guideline or download UeA2lTools and request evaluation license.