Manually writing the C-code to pack and unpack Controller Area Network (CAN) frames is time-consuming and error-prone. DbcToC generates the C-code for pack and unpack CAN signals defined in a Vector DBC file.


  • Choose between function and variable interface for your application.
  • Signal consistency guaranteed.
  • Timeout supervision included.
  • Convenience router makes interfacing with your application very easy.
  • Produces very efficient code. It can even be used in Arduino Uno projects.
  • Datatypes are derived from the DBC file, hence the only input needed at code generation is the DBC file and where to write the generated files.
  • Choose which nodes to generate code for when launching code generation.
  • Generated code is nicely formatted and hence readable by humans.
  • Free for non-commercial use.
  • Node-locked, USB dongle and floating license available.
  • Available for Windows, Linux. MacOs on request.

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