Completely automate A2L (ASAM MCD-2 MC) handling

UeA2lTools automates all steps of A2L management in a software build. It maximizes efficiency and quality by minimizing the need for human actions. A typical build chain is illustrated in the figure below. The green boxes are tools in the suite.

A2L build flowchart

Advantages of UeA2lTool

    • Proven in use. Reference customers available on request.
    • Easy to integrate in a build environment such as traditional make, Ant or Maven.
    • Well documented with extensive user manual and good built-in help.
    • Attractive and flexible license model
      • We offer a favorable migration package if you use a different A2l toolset today.
      • Choose node-locked, USB dongle or floating license for workstations or a build server license for build servers.
    • UeA2lCreator have a unique algorithm for creating A2L files for hand-written c-code.  This approach minimizes developer effort hence maximizing efficiency, quality and frees up resources which can focus on value-adding activities.
    • Operative system versatility. Windows and Linux is built for every release. We deliver builds for other platforms on request.


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