The Ue RTE generator is an AUTOSAR RTE generator targeting lightweight projects and educational use. With time it might also be accompanied by an AUTOSAR RTE GUI configurator tool.

The AUTOSAR standard is contains a truly massive set of features but in real life very few applications uses more than a subset. Initially this RTE generator will not support the entire AUTOSAR standard. However the set of supported features will grow with time. Exactly which features are supported is outlined below.

Supported features

  • Client-Server interfaces
  • Sender-Receiver interfaces
  • Assembly connectors
  • Synchronous mode machines
  • Extended task body generation

Supported API

  • Rte_IRead
  • Rte_IWrite
  • Rte_Write
  • Rte_Read
  • Rte_DRead
  • Rte_Switch
  • Rte_Mode
  • Rte_Call
  • Rte_IrvRead
  • Rte_IrvWrite
  • Rte_IrvIRead
  • Rte_IrvIWrite

Go to Examples to see some code generated by Udoka AUTOSAR RTE Generator.

Download it here