Udoka AUTOSAR RTE Generator is implemented in Java. Hence the executable is a .jar file. There is no installer or setup program. Just download the .jar to a folder of your choice.

Since Udoka AUTOSAR RTE Generator is implemented in Java 8 you need a Java 8 or higher JRE to run it. If you don’t already have one it’s easy to get one. Installation procedure for the JRE depends on which JRE you choose, operative system etc. Hence installation of a JRE will not be described here. Just google if you’re unsure. will work for must users.

User Interface

Udoka AUTOSAR RTE Generator has a command line interface ideal for integration in a build process. The command line parameters are documented in the usage output. Below is an example of how to run Udoka AUTOSAR RTE Generator to get the usage details. Click the image to enlarge it.

An example of how to generate an RTE from three arxml files (click the image to enlarge it):